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Fr. Alwyn Jacob Moras
Manager, St Jude's School

To me, what becomes the priority for student/students is the serious academic activity. Teaching-Learning must take place in its full swing. All students must at-least know the basic concepts and notions pertaining to the class he/she belongs to. I wish parents would co-operate well in this pursuit.
Many parents are hunting for tuitions and coaching surprisingly from Nursery. The parents say, we can’t teach or help our children as everything comes in English. Actually what required is that students study every day the lessons taught to them that day and the parents just supervise them. Tuitions can not replace individual learning at home, but rather tuition just facilitates, maybe. Teachers are good and what they need is students’ and parents’ co-operation. Education is a healthy partnership between teacher-student & parent.
Everything else other than studies is secondary or tertiary to me. I wish students take their 'studenthood' and the duties more seriously and come out in flying colours in their lives.
What you are is the gift of God and what you become will be your gift to God and to the nation and to the world.
Praying for blessings from above

St Jude School