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St. Jude’s school is an unaided English Medium School established and administered by the Catholic Diocese of Lucknow, a registered society. Society(U.P Reg. Act. 278). It was founded in 2016-2017 with the object of imparting modern education to catholic Student in a manner that will conserve their “religion, language and culture “but Admission is not denied to students professing other faiths. It is situated in Lucknow, 25 km away from the city is Mohanlalganj on Raibraeilly Road.

St Jude School
Our Mission

To strive for the integral and personal formation of young boys and girls by giving them the education that is morally, physically and mentally sound and to help them to become mature, active and committed citizens of India.

Our Vision

To impart a sound information – spiritual, mental, moral, social and physical and to inculcate in the students value of freedom and its judicious use, respect for law and order and the sense of duty so as to enable them to fulfill a noble role in life.

Our Values

Pursuing excellence, integrity and dignity, student focus, diversity and collaboration.

Aims and Objectives

The school aims at integral and personal formation of young children by giving them an education which is morally, mentally and spiritually sound. The school encourages the students to keep their ideals high and to strive for excellence in every field. It Endeavour’s to inculcate in them the value of freedom and its judicious use, respect for law and order and also teachers them to abide by moral principles to be unselfish in the service of their country and fellowmen.

Our Focus

Imparting sound knowledge, upgradation of skills through activities, practical application of curriculum and character building.